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Open Space Vs Rooftops

Residential, commercial, and industrial rooftops can provide the real estate needed for solar PV systems. Not every rooftop will be suitable for a rooftop installation and some are more suitable than others. In addition to being flat and relatively free of obstructions, the ideal rooftop needs to be exposed to the sun (not shaded by other structures or potential future structures on the building site or on neighboring properties) and physically capable of supporting the weight of a PV array. Size also matters, with spaciousness having a clear advantage. A new or recently rebuilt roof is preferred, because it is less likely to require additional structural support to accommodate the solar PV system, and because it will probably not require significant repair or replacement during the 20 to 25-year operating period of the solar project.

Open Space

For solar PV installations, unproductive, unusable, and low-value open spaces such as low-productivity farms, rehabilitated landfills, and undeveloped industrial zones are the preferred areas. Large-scale, or megasolar installations is admittedly land-intensive, but they make use of pieces of land that are incompatible with other types of development.

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