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Producing Own Power Through Solar
Amid the climate crisis, it is time for companies and individuals to make sustainable choices. Solar is a simple, proven and cost-effective solution that delivers immediate and measurable impact, allowing owners to generate clean energy while generating stable and predictable returns on their investments.
Now is the time to be energy empowered by being less dependent on the grid and to pollutive, expensive diesel generators. 

Whether you are a homeowner, building owner or developer, warehouse operator or a land owner, we encourage you to study the tremendous potential of using rooftops, car parks, and idle open spaces for generating solar power --- which can lead to significant electricity cost savings. 

As a systems integrator, we offer expert advice on how to produce your own clean power whatever your starting point or project phase. We help you realize your goal of being energy empowered by maximizing the potential of your property.

Economic Viability of Producing Your Own Power

Given the rapid development of solar PV technology and the abundance of sunlight that the Philippines receives, it is clear that solar PV has become economically viable. As solar costs continue to decline and grid electricity prices continue to escalate, solar PV has arrived at a point where it can compete with conventional sources of power. The Levelized Cost of Electricity of solar PV (which measures the cost of generating electricity from the solar PV system, including all costs over its lifetime such as initial investment, operations, and maintenance) is already lower than grid power. And as grid power continues to increase, so will the savings. Therefore, it makes sense --- economically and ecologically --- to produce your own power through solar.

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